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 superchick- courage amazing song

today i had 189
exercise 178

total:10 which i am going to burn off right now
hopeful this is the week i reach 100.
this afternoon i was 107-106!
good i was worried i would i was on that weight loss plateau forever. 

tomorrow plan:
grapefruit with splenda in the morning
my cabbage soup and celery  for lunch/dinner

love, love, support, love 
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 soooo today i did pretty okay.
peach yogurt 80
green tea 0
veggie boca burger 100

i was so worried about going out to eat but i ordered soup and salad and faked eating the soup i didn't even have 1/2 a cup of soup. altogether i had like 4 full spoon fulls. The salad was kind of bitter so i ate the cherry tomatoes.
yummy! i downed two glasses of water too. :)
i even controlled when everyone else was pigging out on ice cream. I just looked out the window so i wouldn't be tempted.
tomorrow i am going to exercise like no tomorrow maybe i will try to fast again. 
much love. 
you control the food. 
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 today was the zero day of ABC diet and i failed
i binged on peach and yogurt along with five pieces of cinnamon toast crunch
i tried to purge it out and only a bit came out along with water and i didn't want to do it again because i knew if i did it for this time then for sure it was going to be a habit. if i again weight then its my fault because i failed at not eating for ONE DAY! im a pig
at least i exercised it off but i still feel guilty 
i suck at everything 
i might just quit this and do 2468 from now on and in between each time do a liquids fast. 
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 okay soooo day 4 of ABC diet and i can eat 400 calories tomorrow 500 again (i really think thats too much)

food i ate
-half a tuna wrap 225 calories 
-a quarter of a tuna wrap much later- 112
-half a slice of wheat bread- 23
-one plum- 30
- 1/4 cup yogurt 

my total is around 400'

BUT!!! exercise

walking- 93 calories
jump rope- 39
jumping jacks- 31

which brings me down to about below the 300's i cant add right now my brain is dead. 
i have just discovered the greatness of low fat yogurt!!! it is so yummy i love it! add some splenda but it in the freezer and BAM! fake ice cream
i hope i get off my weight loss plateau  im stuck at 110 i need to go down!!! blahhhhhhhhh 90 is just 20 pounds away i can do it! 
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 i haven't studied yet but im hoping to cram last min before i go into to take the test

i know i whined about this on ana_mia but i have to say it again
what makes you gain two pounds for a cup of soup
it was 60 calories!
and after i ate that i worked out too
this is not possible really i fail. 
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 right so here i am day 3 of ABC diet
it is currently 12:47 in the afternoon and im not hungry!
today latter im think about some soup to pick up my metabolism
did you know it takes 12 hours from the last time you ate to when your body starts eating its fat. 
i always forget to take vinegar before i eat blahhh.
im allowed to eat 300 calories today but i really need to go shopping i have NOTHING in my house
no fruits or veggies just this can of light soup which i hope will fill me up along with green tea until i have time to go out and by something. 
i asked on youtube for an ana buddy and i already got 3 responses the next day! this is great.
we can talk on the phone and text and all that about everything. 
well long post
i still have to study for mid terms i hate school
blahh see you later 
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 ohhh man
i feel so repulsive
i binged on chicken and rice but ABC diet says i can eat to 500 calories so maybe i filled that up
i thought about purging again but then i realized if i do it this time then for sure it is going to turn into a habit so i didn't.
tomorrow is day 3 of ABC diet and i can eat 300 calories
im planning:
green tea
egg whites and cheddar cheese
water water water
and some veggies 
NO BINGEING AGAIN! i am only alowing my self to binge once a week or not even. 
ahhh long post
much love :\